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Welcome to the era of mobility that takes you beyond destinations into the future of the motion. The pioneering manufacturer of Urban Electric Mobility Solutions is here.

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Next Level of the Movement

As the world is reaching the high point of the revolution in the mobility that sustains the planet earth, going electric is the new gold in the industry of travel and transportation. Being a sustainable method of energy utilizing for mobility enables the world not only to achieve the new heights of mobility methods but also to revolutionize the way electric bikes look.

Urban M is coming to action in this stage of the industry, not only to keep in line with the world movement but also to bring the style into it that promotes the temptation of the people to switch to the sustainable methods of traveling, even further added up with great performance and durability, unlike any other electric mobility provider in the world. Our aim is to deliver the quality in mobility that keeps the user of the bike happy and satisfied always that eventually keeps the planet earth happy as well.


Portable Energy Source to keep energized everywhere.


Built on the latest technologies that revolutionize travel.


Perfection in utilization anywhere, anytime, for anything.


Designed and built to look the streets to today and tomorrow.


Delivering great speeds that move you to places safely.


Strong skeleton and design that resists extra weights.

Foldable Electric Scooter

Keep up in the style and the movement on the streets with confidence and something that always looks like the futuristic and next level vessel.

Electric kik Scooter

Energizing the movement, revolutionizing the long-living trend, the electric kick scooter we bring you not only deliver mobility but the style in the streets.

Mini Electric Car

Enabling you to be the king of the road who bring the style, speed, and all with the sustainability through of zero emission, and futuristic style, that will take you to places safely grabbing the eyes of all along the way.

Electric Bike

Embedding more power to the peddling and enfolding you in more style to electric bike the traditional biking. We bring you a wide range of high-performing electric bikes.

Electric Motorcycle

Stay on the Move in the City and further beyond. The range of our Electric Motorcycles that come in many different styles and colors to suit everyone’s taste, will keep you afloat on the streets with safety and speed.

Sharing Scooter

Enabling the privileges of mobility and style for everyone. With our latest range of sharing electric scooter, everyone can revel in the style, in the streets.

Explore the New World of Mobility

Witness how we take you to the streets with futuristic styles.

Powering up Business through Sustainable Mobility


The electric mobility solutions we bring you are highly cost-effective to you and end-users.

Ease of Ordering

The simplified ordering methods will get you into the process of getting your order done fast.


We would love to make it look the way you want. The style and power are in your hands.

Assured Growth

The futuristic and sustainable mobility solutions we provide will power up your business growth.

Style & Popularity

Embedding style into the tarmac, our mobility solutions are always on the trend in societies.


We deliver mobility on sustainable energy, Keeping the ecological values intact for the world.