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Our Range of Products

Get to know the range of high-quality electric kick scooters we manufacture and provide with high durability and professional support that ensures your business growth.

Electric Foldable Kick Scooter G1

Min. Order 250pcs (20GP)

Electric Foldable Kick Scooter GS1

Min. Order 150pcs (20GP)

Electric Foldable Kick Scooter H0

Min. Order 250pcs (20GP)

Electric Foldable Kick Scooter H1

Min. Order 250pcs (20GP)

Electric Foldable Kick Scooter M365

Min. Order 250pcs (20GP)

Electric Foldable Kick Scooter X3

Min. Order 250pcs (20GP)


Ensuring Your Success in Business

“I am confident about Urban M. They have always been the reason behind our success”

Timothy CarterSoloCycle

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Samuel GartMuvdX

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Jenniffer HankNowped
Trusted Partner Since


Trusted Partner Since


Trusted Partner Since


6000+ Scooters

Supplied in 2020

$5 Billion +

Revenue Generated in 2020


Sustainable Success in Business

Brand Empowerment

Turn your Business into a world-renowned name for electric kick scooters that is trusted by everyone

Ever Growing Demand

Achieve the Success in Business Rapidly through the boosting demand for electric kick scooters in the world

Boosted Profits

Enjoy higher profit margins with the best of electric kick scooters that come to you at the Manufacturer price

After Sales Market

Be the name that is known for electric kick scooter parts along with the growing number of electric kick scooters


Great Features for Excellent Performance

Branded Hub Brushless Motor Power

The electric kick scooters deliver great and reliable strength in mobility through the Highly Efficient Brushless Motor provided by Bosch, Aucoma, and JYX.

Branded High Capacity Lithium Battery

The power for the mobility in all electric kick scooters is delivered by the highly durable battery supplied by renowned brands like LG, Samsung, Panasonic, and etc.

Guaranteed Long Lifespan of Battery

The battery we are using in all electric kick scooters can be used for around 500-600 charge and discharge cycles and even more. Great battery health for over 5 years.

Go Great Lengths with Great Mileage

The efficiency and the durability of the electric kick scooters are highly optimized that a single charge of the battery will take you up to 80km and even beyond.

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We are Urban M

Years of Experience

We are the global specialist in manufacturing and supplying high-quality E-bike and many other Electric Mobility Solutions with Assured High Quality and Reliability in both the product and the service.

High-Quality Production

The high durability and the high quality are always followed in our production process from the design sketch to the manufacturing of the frame and other components that assist you in a great performance.

Global Supply

All the electric kick scooters we manufacture in highly efficient quality are provided to brands all over the world. We are a trusted name as a reliable E-bike manufacturer in the United States and European Countries.

Professional Support

The reliable service we provide through high-quality electric kick scooters does not end at providing them all over the world, but even further extends to providing great and professional after-sales support service.


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