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Electric Kick Scooter

Setting the Urban Trends

The electric Kick Scooters collection of Urban Mobilitie is designed and developed to bring a new meaning to the kick scooting that used to roam around the urban streets. Powered up with sustainable power through electricity, it enables you to go to more lengths in speed and safety, with total control is in the rider’s hand. The improved features it comes with providing enhanced great performance delivery on the streets. It defines a new era in the electric kick scooting that makes them stand out from the rest of the electric kick scooters out there.

The modern and futuristic designs they are made up with will add up even more qualities to the performance it delivers through the appearance of a modern kick scooter that suits the urban streets of today and tomorrow as well. The modern-looking structure it is designed and developed in along with the portability will provide utmost versatility and the ease of riding along with an additional power of the high-performing electric motor, giving you additional speed and control along the way. All the features are designed to be friendlier to the rider for a long term usage.

Modernized Production

Our production process of mobility solutions is equipped enough to fulfill and supply the entire demand from our clients and even more.

Premium Quality

Ensuring the premium quality and durability in both the design and the performance of the mobility solutions we manufacture is our focus.

Highly Reputed

Our production of high quality and sustainable mobility solutions has gained the high appreciation of our clients and end-users.

Enhanced Mobility

Ride in Style

Kick Scooting has a new meaning now. The ever beloved trend of kick scooting is now further powered up with sustainable energy to deliver an even better experience of riding in the streets that enable the rider to go beyond the lengths that were once known as limits. Added p with the futuristic style, it does not only provide mobility, but also the joy of riding through bringing the style into the urban streets.

Our Range

Explore through the high quality and efficient Urban M products manufactured and brought to you by Wuhan Jiebu Electronics Co. Ltd with improved performance and efficiency delivered through minimized power usage, added up with modern designs.

Kick Scooter G1

Kick Scooter GS1

Kick Scooter H0 / H0 Pro

Kick Scooter H1

Kick Scooter M365

Kick Scooter X3

One of their best qualities is that they do the entire production inspired by innovative technology that always delivers the best.

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The efficiency they deliver through the scooters is perfect and no other manufacturer has been able to match their quality yet.

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