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Opening a new chapter in the new age of electric motorcycling. The range of electric motorcycles by Urban Mobilitie come with a range of new features enhanced for a maximized performance delivered at always. Developed to be ideal for the urban streets and even further beyond, the electric motorcycles are designed with a modern and improved design series that makes the motorcycle look stylish and futuristic on the road, enabling it to be something out of tomorrow that you drive, in the aspects of both performance and the appearance.

Built on a strong architecture that is optimized to deliver extra performance through a minimized usage of electric energy, the electric motorcycle we provide will be a revolutionary new version of the age of electric mobility. The equipment of enhanced features for extra durability and performance makes it suitable for utilization even beyond the urban streets and go even further of extra mileage, in speed and safety that delivers more than the expected outcome of an electric motorcycle. The modern and stylish appearance will always make it a joy to ride it.

Modernized Production

Our production process of mobility solutions is equipped enough to fulfill and supply the entire demand from our clients and even more.

Premium Quality

Ensuring the premium quality and durability in both the design and the performance of the mobility solutions we manufacture is our focus.

Highly Reputed

Our production of high quality and sustainable mobility solutions has gained the high appreciation of our clients and end-users.

Enhanced Mobility

High Performance

The electric motorcycles series is designed to bring and deliver a new look of e-motorcycling into the streets through the power of enhanced performance features and the modern futuristic design that makes them appear to be something that truly matched the streets of the modern age. The usage of sustainable energy in minimized amounts optimizes the motorcycle for extra durable usage.

Our Range

Explore through the high quality and efficient Urban M products manufactured and brought to you by Wuhan Jiebu Electronics Co. Ltd with improved performance and efficiency delivered through minimized power usage, added up with modern designs.

Electric Motorcycle S3

Electric Motorcycle S4

Electric Motorcycle S5

Electric Motorcycle S5D

Electric Motorcycle S6

Electric Motorcycle X1

They are so easy to do business with. The supportive service they provide along with high-quality motorcycles is very beneficial.

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The motorcycles they provide and flawlessly of high quality always ensure a great performance along with efficiency.

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