Urban M

Our Story

The Story of a Great Journey

Urban M is a popular brand of electric mobility solutions brought to you by Wuhan Jiebu Electronics Co. Ltd, that is loaded up with the vision to deliver the perfection of sustainable electric bikes that revolutionize the streets and the world through the energy that not only ensures the safekeeping of the beauty of the planet earth but also enables the world to experience the power of sustainable mobility wrapped up in the styles that keeps up the trends of today and tomorrow.

Making the start like any other company in the world, we took the first step of our movement with the vision to deliver the best quality of electric mobility solutions along with a revolution that changes the tradition of how electric urban bikes look in the streets. Launching a planned mission backed by years of experience in sustainable mobility solutions, the journey we have taken thus far has been wonderful and filled with success.

Revolutionizing Mobility

Delivering the Best Solutions for Today and Tomorrow

Urban Mobilitie is a company and brand popular worldwide in the present day through the quality of the sustainable mobility solutions we deliver to many clients located in all parts of the world. Highly focused on the quality and the design, we manufacture a wide range of electric bikes optimized for the urban structure of the streets and even further beyond. Our mobility solutions bring the ideal combination of speed and safety.

 We are on the continuous move to revolutionize mobility through improving the quality and performance of our solutions that always stays one step ahead in the business.

Designing the Future

Coming up with years of experience in the business of electric mobility solutions that lie back to the beginning step of the company and even further to the great experience in the industry that enables us in designing the most ideal solution at all times, and the vision which is loaded up with motivation that extends to years into the future that brings our designs always to be something that not only watches the present day but also the future.

Powering up in sustainable energy, that safeguards the future of the planet earth, all the mobility solutions we bring you are equipped with great performance that upgrades the electric bike stereotype of today into a more futuristic an enhanced version that makes it not a rare highlight anymore but the new norm in the streets. The portability they carry makes it versatile that helps to move anywhere and everywhere whenever with confidence and ease.

  • Fully Electric
  • Portable Batteries
  • High Capacity
  • Optimized Efficiency
  • Long Durability
  • Modern Design
  • Futuristic Architecture
  • Efficiency Oriented
  • Attractive Appearance
  • Street Friendly
  • Strengthened Wheels
  • Efficient Motor Power
  • Durable Tires
  • Effective Brakes
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Optimized Mileage
  • Long Battery Life
  • Enhanced Capacity
  • Load Resistant
  • Enhanced Power


Featured up for Success

Modernized Production

Our production process of mobility solutions is equipped enough to fulfill and supply the entire demand from our clients and even more.

Premium Quality

Ensuring the premium quality in both the design and the performance of the mobility solutions we manufacture is our focus.

Highly Reputed

Ur production of high quality and sustainable mobility solutions has gained the high appreciation of our clients and end-users.

Urban Mobilitie is always the one to design the electric bike that captures and wins the market. I love their products.

Timothy WellingtonDirector, Muuv.

The brilliance in their protection does not only bring wealth to them but tours as well as the sellers of the best bike.

Joshua AndersonChairman, JJ Scoot.