Urban M

Our Team

They who keep the Mobility in Motion

Our scooters and bikes run on electricity. But the innovation that is needed to keep that sustainability, runs on the power of great minds filled with enthusiasm to do amazing things. Our team of professionals is exactly the same type of people who keep the business of sustainable mobility, a sustainable one. The great energy and the contributions of our valuable team is the power behind our success.

Improving the quality is what we always aim for. That’s what our team believes in as well. The dedication which our team provides with the potion brilliance and the vision mixed up with the enthusiasm to develop a better industry and a market for sustainable mobility methods in the world is what drives us to secure the lead in the industry.

Peter Wan

Co-Founder & CEO

• More than 11 years’ experience in vehicle and motorcycle industry overseas sales and marketing

• In charge of business network establishment and company strategy, cultural combination.

• Speaks Chinese, Japanese and English Fluently

• Leads the movement of making the world move, with style and energy, that provides speed along with safety.

Phillips Wu

Co-Founder & CEO

• More than 11years’ experience in vehicle and motorcycle industry sourcing and manufacturing.

• In charge of company’s raw material sourcing and manufacturing, as well as quality control.

• Speaks Chinese and English Fluently

• Specializes in keeping the production high quality through the motivation to deliver nothing but the best and the keen eye to observe everything.

Angela Hu


• More than 9 years’ experience in Financial and Accounting.

• In charge of company’s accounting and tax affairs as well as government relationship.

• Speaks Mandarin and English Fluently

• Keeps the payment process in line and in order as well as the team organized and motivated.

Lewis Liu

Sales Manager

• More than 11 years’ experience in sales and marketing

• In charge of domestic sales and marketing.

• Speaks Mandarin and English Fluently

• Powered up by motivation and pure thirst for innovation.