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Sharing Scooter

Sustainable Mobility for Everyone

Revolutionizing the way you move in the streets with style and glamour. And now it is extended to everyone through the new sharing scooter we introduce into the urban streets. The sharing scooter designed and developed to bring maximum efficiency and a smooth ride through the minimized usage of electric energy, and a flawless and robust system to manage the sharing infrastructure that is easy to handle. Equipped with an efficient battery with high capacity, it will deliver more performance against the minimized energy usage.

The portability of the battery makes it easier to charge using a quick time, maintaining a minimized charging time, and enabling it to keep on the move all the time. The strong frame of the scooter delivers enhanced supports for load and delivering the same performance regardless of the load. Equipped with a strong wheel system with efficient quick braking, the scooter will keep you in motion at speed and safety with total control in the rider’s hands. The Versatility it carries through the performance and the style will provide conform to the rider, always.

Modernized Production

Our production process of mobility solutions is equipped enough to fulfill and supply the entire demand from our clients and even more.

Premium Quality

Ensuring the premium quality and durability in both the design and the performance of the mobility solutions we manufacture is our focus.

Highly Reputed

Our production of high quality and sustainable mobility solutions has gained the high appreciation of our clients and end-users.

Enhanced Mobility

Style & Performance

The series of sharing scooters are designed with a modern appearance that suits the streets in style, enabling the rider to have a glamorous experience in traveling with speed and safety. The development of the sharing scooter is done strongly making it extra durable for continuous usage that makes it resistant against heavy and long term usage involved in the sharing system that it is linked with.

Our Range

Explore through the high quality and efficient Urban M products manufactured and brought to you by Wuhan Jiebu Electronics Co. Ltd with improved performance and efficiency delivered through minimized power usage, added up with modern designs.

Scooter FS Pro

Scooter S1

Scooter Super S

Our customers love the bikes they provide under our own custom branding. It is a great privilege for us.

Sampson KnightRiver N’ Roads

Their bikes are always popular among the customers because of the modern design they apply in all e-bikes.

Dinisuru MakwangoE-Nigi

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